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    Is previous economics knowledge needed to participate in NET?
    While some previous economics knowledge is needed to participate, the tournament itself is a valuable learning experience, so we encourage all students regardless of their level of exposure in economics to attend! Presentations from Northwestern faculty are also a great way for students interested in economics to see the tools they've learned in the classroom applied to many different real-world problems.

    What is the structure of the tournament?
    NET is divided into two rounds: an individual round and a team round. During the individual round, students will take a multiple choice exam featuring a variety of economics topics. The team round is a quiz-bowl style event where students work as teams to answer trivia based economics questions against other teams. See the rules page for a breakdown of the topics and more information about tournament structure.

    Do we have to pay to attend NET?
    NET 2018 is free! We want students to come enjoy the tournament and learn without the need for an application fee.

    Are there any practice resources to prepare for NET?
    Take a look at our tournament page and scroll all the way down to find sample questions for both the individual exam and quiz bowl. Question difficulty should be approximately the same this year.

    What if I'm home-schooled?
    We would still love for you to attend! Please try to join a team from a high school around you or form a separate team. Let us know if you need help forming or finding a team.

    Do we get any swag at NET?
    All NET participants and their advisors will receive a T-shirt.